Consultative sales, chasing big brands and Friday beers

Consultative sales, chasing big brands and Friday beers

Fresh Relevance is a disruptive MarTech startup whose platform allows online brands to target their customers with personalised digital marketing campaigns. Venatrix is looking for a superstar graduate to join their team as a Sales Development Representative and help them build on their existing success by winning new clients in the Retail space. We caught up with Lizzie, who joined the business as a SDR last September, to get some inside information on what the role’s all about.

What attracted you about Fresh Relevance?
I was initially attracted by the technology and the clients. We’ve got an amazing platform that allows our clients to personalise and enhance the customer journey around their websites, and I was really inspired by learning about what it could do. And I knew Fresh Relevance would be a great place to be a Sales person, because the company already has exciting brand name clients like Harvey Nichols, RipCurl and White Stuff. If you’ve got great clients, people know you must have a good product.

And how did you feel about working in Sales?
I knew it was a big risk. I was attracted by the earning potential, and the fact that Sales roles are inherently very challenging and competitive- I’m naturally a sporty person who loves competing and winning, and so I thought that aspect of the role would suit me. I also knew I’d enjoy the part of the job that’s all about communicating, working with people and building relationships, but there was certainly doubt in my mind about whether I’d be good at it; in fact, when I was going through the Venatrix process, lots of my friends and family told me they didn’t think Sales would be for me! But people’s preconceptions about what Sales involves are often quite misguided; it’s so much more about researching, listening and understanding than aggressively pitching stuff, which of course makes it a lot more interesting and nicer than people think!

What’s being a Sales Development Representative all about?
My main responsibility is to generate new business for the company. At Fresh Relevance, we place a big emphasis on research and preparation; our goal is always to be the best call any given person has had that day, and so we never to get in touch with someone before we have something genuinely valuable to offer them. For that reason, the majority of my day is taken up with researching prospective clients; I’ll use the internet to find out about the business and the person I’m reaching out to, and then test the customer journey on their website to establish whether they need our service. Then of course, I spend a lot of time on the phone- this is the part of the job I was most nervous about before I started, but something I’ve discovered I really enjoy. The call is all about asking loads of questions to understand someone’s business, and their objectives and problems, and then using that information to come up with solutions. So it’s a really enjoyable call, and you end up building a good relationship with the client over the process.

And what do you like about your role?
One of the best things is the autonomy and freedom we have. The company trusts us to do what it takes to hit target, and we’re not micromanaged at all- we don’t have to, say, make a certain number of calls a day or anything like that. So we can basically just get on with doing what we need to in order to succeed. I also really enjoy the opportunities for collaboration with the senior Sales team. They’re really involved with us and give us lots of advice, which means I always feel like I can ask anyone for help, and I also learn a lot just from being exposed to them and watching how they do their jobs. On which note, another great thing about working at Fresh Relevance is the company culture- the team is really fun and friendly, and it feels like everyone’s committed to helping you succeed. We have a team lunch every Friday in which we talk about what we’ve achieved that week, we have beers in the office on Friday afternoon and the company even pays for our gym memberships! And now that the team’s growing, there’s always someone to go to the pub with.

And what’s next for you at Fresh Relevance?
The company’s grown a lot since I started- the London office has doubled in size in the last six months, and obviously with growth comes opportunity! Recently, I’ve been getting to work on big accounts, which is really exciting for me as it means I’m getting to chase brands I know and love. There’s always a chance I could end up making a difference to my own shopping experience!

Fresh Relevance is really big on developing junior people and promoting from within; everyone knows exactly what they need to do to succeed and improve, and we have a meeting once a week in which we talk about whether we’re on track. So, for example, I know that my next promotion will be to SDR Team Leader, and that I’m ultimately working towards moving into Senior Sales, which is all about going to client meetings and closing deals.

Like the sound of life at Fresh Relevance? Venatrix is working to identify an excellent candidate to join the team as a Sales Development Representative. Read the job advert and apply here.

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