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A Day in the Life New Grads Training


Venatrix is growing fast! We’ve taken on six new employees over the last couple of months, including a whole new generation of Talent Executives. They all finished University within the last year, and for most, Venatrix is their first ‘proper’ job. In this post, we asked them to reflect on what they’ve learned in their first few months in work, and give us their top tips for success!


Moli graduated from Durham University with a History degree this summer. She’s learned:

  • That my paycheque depends on my effort. I get paid commission on top of my basic salary, and so the amount of money I take home at the end of the month is directly influenced by the work I put in on a day-to-day basis. That said, I’m learning not to be too focused on targets and outcomes- if you make sure you’re making enough phone calls, sending enough emails and downloading enough CVs, then the results will follow.
  • That you get used to the early mornings pretty quickly.
  • That post-work drinks are fab.


Fraser graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in French last year. He joined Venatrix in June after travelling South America and a ski season in France. His top tips are:

  • Don’t get complacent! Starting off well doesn’t make you an instant success; your luck in sales can fluctuate aggressively so always make sure you’re working hard and getting the ingredients right. The rest will come.
  • Make yourself heard! Working in a start-up is great; not only does your work contribute in a far more transparent way to the success of a business, but your opinion is valued. It might sound silly that 2 weeks into a job you can have an input into how the company might be run in the future, but it does happen, so make sure you grab the opportunity to do so!
  • Use your first paycheque to buy yourself (and your mum/dad) something nice. 4 years of scrimping and saving at Uni can be tough; treat yourself at the end of that first month just to feel how good it is to finally earn (and worry about your student debts later).


Charlotte graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a first class degree in Business Administration this summer. In her new role at Venatrix, she’s learned:

  • What life after University is like if you find a job that interests you – hard, but exciting!
  • That things get easier. Diving straight into the deep end after University is a shock to the system- if you persevere, and keep learning and trying, then things will ‘click’. The feeling of finally understanding the job and feeling like you can do it really makes you want to keep improving!
  • Working towards targets and goals is even more motivating when you have incentives like lunch club, dinners out or a holiday abroad!


Laura graduated from Bristol University with a degree in Psychology last year, and joined Venatrix in June.

  • Training is intense but thorough. I’m the newest member of the team and when I started I felt really daunted by the prospect of speaking to candidates on the phone- but once I’d been through training, I felt very thoroughly prepared for the different conversations I’d have!


Venatrix is still hiring! If you want to join a growing company, and you think you’ve got what it takes to join our Talent or Business Development teams, send us your CV to apply today!